Kit List

Have a look at this example jamboree kit list. It may help you with your packing, and remind you of things you’ve forgotten. Also do not forget to check out my pages on good kit buys, mobile sims, and travel cards.

General Kit

Jamboree Holdall (or similar for IST)
Waterproof liner for holdall (survival bag), site will be wet!
Bag strap or other decoration to make it identifiable
Jamboree Day Bag
Bag Tags (for the window)
Passport color Photocopy
Q-Code (Korea Quarenteen Advance input system) Click here
Travel Documents (K-ETA, Insurance, flight info, hotel info, etc)
Safe from harm paper copy (adults)
NHS Covid Vaccine Cert (if needed)
Wallet/ Purse
Money (Cash and card)
Roll mat or camp bed
Sleeping bag or sheet (will be hot)
Pillowcase (stuff with clothes)
Walking Boots/Shoes
Lightweight comfy shoes
Wet Shoes
Packing cubes/compression bags
Water Bottle
2nd Bottle or Hydration Sack
Jamboree Swaps (Badges/ Scarves / Etc)
Swap bags (to hold your swaps together in your bag). (optional) 1 for swaps, 1 for finished swaps.
Notepad to write a journal + Pen
Holdall Waterproof liner (encase its caught in the rain)
Language cheat sheet
Plate/Bowl/Cup/Cutlery (Units)
Personal Chopsticks
Sewing Kit
Bag Padlock (can be used on tent) x2

Personal First Aid Kit

Antiseptic Wipes
Blister Plasters
Foot powder/creams
Antihistamines (Enough for every day at the jamboree if needed)
Bug Bite cream
Salts/Electrolytes drink sachets (dioralyte). To replace salts and minerals sweated out. Bring enough for every day.
Any personal medications/prescriptions

Wash Kit

Toiletries Bag
Shower Gel
Wet Wipes (for quick freshen-ups)
Tooth Brush
Tooth Paste
Toiletries (Feminine Products, etc)
Face Cloth
Body Spray
Mouth Wash
Travel wash for washing clothes + Wash bag to clean them in (Scrubba or dry bag)
Neck Towel for Sweat
Nail Clippers
Razor (Optional)


Uniform Shirt
2nd Uniform Shirt (Optional)
Uniform Shorts / Trousers
Scout Belt
UK Contingent Scarf
1 Hoodie (Unit/Crew)
Tee Shirts (Wicking are best). Avoid crop tops/vests that show your shoulders or chest due to Korean culture.
Shorts / Skirts
Trousers (for when you sunburn your legs and need to cover up.
Long sleeve top / Arm sleeves
Rain Jacket or Poncho
Hat or Cap
PJ’s or other sleep wear
Other Unit / Crew Clothing


Mobile Phone
Travel Sim with Data plan
Photo of passport on phone
Camera (If not using a phone)
Go-pro & Charger (Optional)
Phone charging cable (multiple)
Portable Battery Bank/Pack x2
Charger for Phone/Battery
Travel Plug Adapter
4-6 way short extension lead
Solar Panel (optional)
Torch / Head Torch and spare batteries (or USB rechargeable)

Travel Kit

Travel Pillow
Travel sickness pills (if needed)
Travel entertainment
Freshen up kit
Change of clothes
Empty bottle to fill up after security

Other Kit

Sun Screen (SPF 50 minimum)
Lip Sun Screen
Bug Repellant / Spray
Bum Bag
Glasses / Contacts Lenses
Business Cards with contact info for new friends (optional)
Jewelry (optional and at own risk)
Your share of any unit/crew kit
Folding foam seat pad (for ceremonies)
Toilet Paper (if you’re caught at a public toilet in Seoul without any)
A small amount of duct tape
Bank Card Reader (Adults that may need to pay bills while away)
Lunch box or similar to stop your lunch from getting squashed
Strong clothes peg or similar clip (can be used on a washing line, but more importantly in the shower to help secure shower curtains)
Magnet. (Also for showers should the type you use have a curtain and a metal wall/poll)

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